Jungle Goddess Week -

Ready for the jungle, Goddess?

This is your invitation to join me in my home, where the wild jungle meets the Caribbean ocean, for an intimate, authentic, transformational week to remember. A week to remember your wildness, your power, your softness, your tribe, your purpose, your true nature. A week to step up into your light, so that you can start walking the path you were born here for.

If you feel the calling, it’s time to answer. 



A week of deep personal inquiry, exploration, connection, liberation, play, and immersion in nature, in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Expect yoga, dance, women’s circles, ceremonies, and nature excursions.


 On the South Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, where the lush jungle meets the turquoise sea, in our private retreat house.


Myself (more about me below) and my dearest friends, teachers, and healers will create a loving, liberating space for transformation and healing. This retreat is for women who want to experience a truly free, wild, heart centered way of living.


To become the change we wish to see in the world by nurturing and healing ourselves, remembering our place in nature, breaking old patterns, and finding the courage to walk the paths imprinted in our hearts.


What’s Included

7 nights accommodation in our beautiful and private jungle chic home across from a stunning beach, this is our sanctuary and sacred space.

Transportation to and from the airport in San Jose, Costa Rica as well as all local transportation. Plus you get your own beach bicycle cruiser to explore the area in your free time.

Daily organic, vegetarian, gluten-free meals made by our personal natural food chef (also a beautiful goddess yoga teacher friend of mine). This food is not only innovative and delicious, it’s genuinely healthy. Women who come on these retreats consistently ask for the recipes at the end because the food is SO good.

Daily yoga practices that go deep into the multi-dimensional layers of you. Explore relevant life themes through physical movement and meditation, accessible for all levels. These are taught by myself and some of the best teachers in Costa Rica.

Unique and transformational dance meditations crafted and developed by yours truly, based on the practice that has changed my life. Expect to go deep into your sensuality and free your wild child.

Compassionate listening and sharing circles to open and connect in safe, loving ways. I cannot explain enough how tremendously healing this can be, you’ll just have to experience it for yourself.

Magical nature excursions to my favorite places in the area (nature beaches, waterfall hike, chocolate forest, and more)

Women’s circle and cacao ceremony. We’ll drink the sacred medicine of cacao which is indigenous to the area and share in a powerful women’s circle guided by my dear friend Hannah who has led these healing circles all over the world.

One bodywork session with a local healer. Puerto Viejo has some of the best healers in the world and women on past retreats have expressed that these sessions are tremendously awakening.

Nurturing alone time. I feel that one of the most healing things you can possibly do is just walk in silence down a deserted beach. Surrender yourself to the ocean, let the sand hold you, and remember your true nature. You’ll have plenty of time to do this on your free days.

Real deal sisterhood. Since you read my blog you know how important authenticity is to me. This is 1000x more evident on my retreats. We truly show up for ourselves and one another in genuine, powerful ways.

My full attention, support, and mentorship as your facilitator, sister, and friend for an entire week. If you’ve ever wanted to learn from me, this is the deepest way.

Intimate small group setting. To foster trust, intimacy, and depth there’s space for just ten special women on these retreats.

… so much more :)


Sample Schedule

Yoga Flow for powerful intention setting

Organic healthy breakfast and magical oracle cards

Bicycle ride to wilderness beach, play time, and picnic lunch

Dance meditation to shed what’s not serving you and awaken bliss in your body

Organic vegetarian dinner in our beautiful home

Stargaze on our private beach, pull oracle cards, lay in the hammock, journal, whatever helps you sink in the day

Lights out


This Retreat is for You if…

You are ready to make a big change in your life. You know it’s time to show up for yourself and the world more fully, and you’re ready to do the inner work to shine as brightly as you know you can.

You desire to live a free, soulful life, connected with community and nature, making the world a more beautiful place by doing what you love.

You want to feel healthy, vibrant, full of life. To awaken your senses, nourish your body, and reset your rhythm with the pace of nature.

You enjoy yoga, movement exploration, dance, and want to dive deeper into spiritual practices. You’re ready and excited to unravel your old patterns, face your inner demons, and learn how to love yourself like you’ve never been loved before.

You want to heal the wounds of sisterhood, not just for yourself but for our collective, by being vulnerable and compassionate in a safe group of women.

You want to show up fully, challenge yourself, lean into discomfort, and face your fears for the sake of your personal growth.

You know you’re born to do something positive in the world and are seeking the inspiration and empowerment to step even more fully onto your path.

You resonate with what I share on my blog and you want to walk in a similar direction. You connect with my words, my perspective, my lifestyle, and you want to receive what I have to give. 

Something in your heart is telling you yes right now. Your intuition knows best, listen to it!

**This retreat is not for everyone, and that’s ok! This retreat is specifically for women who want to go deep within themselves for the sake of growth and transformation, are up for a lot of physical activity in hot tropical weather, prefer authenticity over luxury, and are excited to go beyond their comfort zone. If this retreat isn’t for you, I hope you find the perfect retreat that is.** 


Our Magic Team

Our team is made up of loving, inspiring women who have all created their dream lives here in Puerto Viejo. They are also some of my favorite humans and closest friends.



This jungle queen (center) is with us all week to make sure everything runs smoothly and we’ve got what we need. She’s my right hand during retreats, a Jane-of-All-Trades, knows Puerto Viejo inside out, owns and runs a beach hostel with her partner, and has a great love for this community. She’s a massage therapist, shamanic trigger point healer, Reiki healer, modern mystic, fire dancer, and a protector of all the Earth’s creatures. 



A woman of many talents, Claudine creates our delicious food every day and infuses it with so much love. She’s passionate about natural wellness, lives off-grid on a permaculture farm in Puerto Viejo, works with local organic farmers to source our ingredients, is a single mama, and opens coconuts with a machete to make fresh coconut milk for our tea and coffee.



One of my fave yoga teachers in the entire world, Avani opened her own yoga studio in Puerto Viejo almost 10 years ago before even turning 30. She leads yoga teacher trainings internationally, and has an incredible gift of fusing yogic wisdom with creative fun flows. She’ll be dropping in to teach some of our yoga classes.



A unique goddess who has devoted her path to uncovering sacred female history and traditions to help women reawaken their magic and power. She leads cacao ceremonies and women’s circles all over the world, offers feminine awakening online workshops, and leads women’s festivals. She’ll be guiding our cacao ceremony and offering other magic during our retreat.


Me, Camille

You probably already know me as This American Girl, blogger and solo world traveler. On this retreat, you’ll get to know me on a much deeper level, as a yoga teacher, meditation guide, ecstatic dancer, sister, woman, and friend. I created this retreat to share the beautiful way of life I discovered in Costa Rica and the healing practices that have shaped my path. It’s a gift and an honor for me to offer that to you. I give my full presence and attention to our retreat all week long and stay in the house with you to keep it super intimate. I love going deep with you! xx


What Camille has created with this  retreat can hardly be put into words. Just sitting here thinking about it my heart fills to the brim and overflows. While on this retreat I experienced so much more than I expected or knew could be possible. I went not knowing what I was looking for and taking home with me exactly what I needed. Every moment, every plan, every excursion and even meal put together in this retreat was built with her entire heart and soul. Camille’s retreat showed me more than just a beautiful country while spending time on myself to heal and recharge, it showed me a way of life, a community and a group of people I didn’t know could exist in such a beautiful harmony. Seeing it meant believing it and I was able to then visualize it for myself, a gift I am eternally grateful for.  Go on this retreat it will be the greatest gift you can give yourself!

Testimonial Amber
Jungle Goddess Week October 2016

I cant express how immensely happy I am that I chose to do this retreat. I now have 7 new amazing lifelong friends I wouldn’t have had prior to coming, and a brand new perspective to life that I know is only going to bring in more positivity. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone who needs to hit the reset button, who wants to unleash their inner child, and who is seeking to really find out their truth which has been lying within you all along.

Testimonial Tyler Renee
Tyler Renee
Jungle Goddess Week May 2016

I signed up for the retreat to relax a bit and practice yoga. What I got was so much more than I could ever expect or even imagine. I laughed, cried, loved, and grew with amazing women whose bonds I will carry with me for the rest of my life. The adventures in the jungle, at the beach, with the wild life, with the culinary delights, within myself and with the other women on this retreat made this an amazing, unforgettable experience.

Testimonial Liz
Jungle Goddess Week October 2015

Camille puts all of her energy into making the retreat inspiring, safe, and wonderful for each participant. This is a unique and special experience worth every penny. You will leave with a greater appreciation for life.

Testimonial Dagny
Jungle Goddess Week February 2016

From the opening to the closing ceremony, Camille guided us into a safe haven of sisters in which I was able to explore my deepest thoughts, awaken my inner child, rejuvenate my soul, and ultimately, discover MY bliss…the jungle was a bonus!

Testimonial Sarah
Jungle Goddess Week May 2016

To call it a retreat really doesn’t do it justice. I’ll call it an arrival. An arrival to the self, to nature, to community, to your truth. Be ready to show up in ways you never knew you could, to transcend your limitations and to fall madly in love with life.

Testimonial Sonja
Jungle Goddess Week May 2016

November 5 – 12, 2017


*Payment plans available!*
*$500 nonrefundable deposit required to secure your spot*

February 4 to 11, 2018

 $2499 for shared dorm
$2799 for shared double

*Payment plans available!*
*$500 nonrefundable deposit required to secure your spot*

Before you sign up…

Please be able to ride a bicycle. We use them to get to most of our activities and it’s the most enjoyable way to enjoy this area. The road is flat and paved, so it’s easy breezy and enjoyable.

Please have some experience practicing yoga. If you’re a complete newbie, you will need to take some classes before you arrive. This is for your personal benefit and enjoyment as you’ll get a lot more out of our practices if you already know the postures. We teach for a variety of levels, but the classes are not absolute beginner. We go deep physically and spiritually.

Please be open to spirituality. Yoga is much more than physical postures or exercise. It’s a path to self discovery by going deeply inward and also expanding out into the limitless potential of spirit. On this retreat we’ll have ceremonies, learn about the Goddess archetypes, pull oracle cards, and do lots of “woo woo” stuff because I love that sh*t. You don’t need to know about it already, just be open to it.

Please be ready to show up for yourself and others. This is a transformational experience intended to support your personal growth. To receive the gift of this experience, please commit to showing up for yourself and showing up for your sisters with a present mind and body, and a compassionate open heart.

Please be willing to embrace nature.
This is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in over five years of travel and it’s because the nature is SO alive. That also means that there are many insects, can be torrential downpours, and few paths are paved. While it’s not always comfortable, surrendering to this environment can heal you in ways I can’t put into words. 


Q: What’s the best airport to fly into and how do I book the best deal?

A: You will need to land in San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO) at the latest the morning of November 5th. The shuttle will pick you up near the airport at 12 noon to bring you to our retreat house. On November 12th the shuttle will bring you back to San Jose by 11am (plan to spend a night in San Jose or take a late night flight). To get good flight deals I recommend using Google Flights and checking flights in and out of major hubs near you.

Q: I’m over 50, am I too old for this retreat? The women in your photos look very young.

A: The typical age range of women who attend these retreats is 20 – 40, however we have had women 50-65 years old come. We create a loving, inclusive environment no matter your age. What’s more important for your safety and comfort is your physical condition. These retreats are very active and we will be immersed in the natural elements. Are you able to ride a bicycle for half an hour? Can you hike up a muddy trail and walk across slippery rocks? Can you walk down a beach with lots of fallen branches and trees? Are you up for doing yoga twice a day? Are you up for being in tropical heat? There are women who are 20 who will say no, and women who are 80 who will say yes. What does your body say? If you need a more gentle, nurturing retreat which is totally beautiful and valid, this may not be the right experience for you. 

Q: Will there be free time?

A: Yes! Free time is very important to me and I want you to have the space to explore and rest and be alone. We’ll typically have one full adventure day followed by one free day for a nice balance of group connection and personal freedom. 

Q: I want to come, but I’m concerned about the cost. Do I have options?

A: I want to make this retreat as accessible as I can, while still honoring the tremendous value I offer. To make it more affordable, I offer custom payment plans. A $500 nonrefundable deposit is required to reserve your spot, from there you can pay your balance monthly. The retreat must be paid in full before October 1st. 

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Registration will go live on June 6th, 2017. If you want priority sign up before it’s public, sign up for my VIP list here

Q: I’m still not sure. Can I contact you with questions?

A: Absolutely. Send your email to camille@thisamericangirl.com and I’ll personally get back to you as quickly as I can.

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  1. Alexandra Says: May 2, 2017 at 8:09 am

    Hi, I will be in Costa Rica for 10 days at the end of this month and wanted to find out dates for future retreats and whether you have any shorter 3-4 day retreats.

    • Camille Willemain Says: May 2, 2017 at 2:07 pm

      Hi Alexandra, make sure to sign up for my retreats email list to get first sign up priority for my next retreat in November. Dates not yet released but will be soon :) I don’t currently have shorter retreats but I may offer workshops in 2018 xx

  2. Hello! i love your story, i resonate so much with it, as if it is my own, and you are just an older more wise version of me. I am interested in your goddess retreats, I want to be a part of it! please let me know when the next one is, if there are any postions available to work?! i would love to be a part of this, if this is possible.

    Thank you!

    Kelsey Weiler

    • Camille Willemain Says: May 14, 2017 at 6:36 pm

      Hi beauty, oh thank you so much for this comment! I appreciate you <3 Make sure to sign up to get more info on the retreat, I’m announcing the next one soon. It will be in November. I don’t have any positions available, but would love to have you attend <3 Lots of love xox

  3. Dorothy Says: June 1, 2017 at 1:46 pm

    It all looks soooo cool; beautiful faces, places and amazing food. And, I always wanted to try a retreat like this, but it’s too expensive for me, plus flights. Also, I’m 50, so maybe a bit too old. But I just wanted to say that you are doing a great job, Camille. I’m sure this will be such a great and divine experience for all of you. I wish events like that were available when I was 25 and without a family… Have a splendid time and share some pics and memories from the retreat.