The Freedom Tribe -

You want more than the status quo, right?

You want to travel the world, have epic adventures, watch more sunsets, sleep under the stars, find your community, discover your purpose, and make a living doing what you love.

But you question if it’s possible. You doubt yourself and your desires. You hold yourself back.

What if you could be brave enough to do what you really want? What if you could trust in the call of your unconventional, wild, heart? What if you could free yourself?

You can.
And we’re here to help you.
Welcome to The Freedom Tribe.


Hi, I’m Camille!

I’m so excited to welcome you into The Freedom Tribe and to guide our journey together.

Years ago I felt discontent and unhappy trying to live inside the box of the “American Dream.” So in 2012 I took a huge leap and went to the jungle of Costa Rica. Since then I’ve traveled all over the world, inspired millions of people with my blog, created and led my own women’s retreats, and designed my dream life. I’m a certified yoga teacher, dance meditation facilitator, reiki practitioner, retreat leader, and I’m constantly learning and practicing new ways of discovering freedom in body, mind, and spirit.

I started this tribe to help fellow free spirits take courageous steps in living their dreams.


What is The Freedom Tribe?

The Freedom Tribe is a six month online transformational journey in becoming your wild, authentic, free self.

Through yoga, meditation, dance, journaling, magic, and deep juicy conversations in our private community, The Freedom Tribe gives you tools to make big life changes and walk the unconventional path you long for. I’ll be sharing the practices and explorations that have profoundly shaped my path and made my lifestyle possible.

It’s like being on a retreat with me… in your own home.


How Does it Work?

Every month you’ll receive a Freedom Tribe Guide focusing on a new, relevant theme. These themes will help you access your ability to live authentically and create the life you desire.

Each guide includes a video offering my personal wisdom and stories, a yoga practice to bring it into the body, a meditation to open up spiritually, a dance playlist to release and celebrate, rituals to tap into magic, and exercises to apply the theme to your life. These practices are not only transformative, but juicy, liberating, fun, and full of life.

Best of all, we get to share the journey. You’ll have my heart centered guidance and the support of your fellow Freedom Tribers in our private Facebook Group. Every week I’ll post questions and resources to get our minds opening and our voices sharing. This is your space to speak without judgement among others who totally get you. Connecting with a like minded community is CRUCIAL in giving yourself permission to follow your dreams. At the end of the month we’ll have our Tribal Circle Call where I’ll hop on Facebook Live to answer your questions.

Over this six month journey you will be awakened to expand your perceptions of yourself and your life, inspired to take courageous action, and reminded to trust, relax, and love yourself. (We’ll also have a lot of fun!) You can expect to start feeling more alive, intentional, and connected immediately.


Themes We Will Explore
This is how our journey will go…

May 2017
Freedom From the Past
If you’re feeling anything less than the infinite possibility of this present moment, you’re being controlled by the past. To make way for the life we want, we must face the stories of our past and heal with them. This lays the foundation for our journey together.

June 2017
Awaken the Magical Child
Remember what it was like to dream without doubts and leap for whatever you wanted? That is the power of the magical child. This child holds the key to your most innate desires, and can tell you what you really want and how to go for it.

July 2017
Heal with Money, Reclaim Your Power
Money, more than anything else, seems to hold us back from following our dreams. Because… we’ve got it all mixed up. This month we’re healing our dysfunctional relationship with money and learning how to manifest as much money as we need without selling our souls.

August 2017
Face the Inner Critic
Once the money excuse disappears, the real limiter rears its ugly head: the inner critic. The voice that tells you it’s not possible and you don’t deserve it. You’ll learn to make friends with that voice and build the confidence to follow your heart instead.

September 2017
Open Your Heart
How often do you listen to your mind instead of your heart? Do you trust your own heart? Living a truly, unique, authentic life that you LOVE, requires following your heart. This month you’ll have the opportunity to peel back the layers of fear, love yourself as much as you deserve, and let your deepest longing guide you.

October 2017
Share Your Voice, Shine Your Light
Each of us has a unique gift, a special message to share with this world. Are you afraid to sing your song and light up the world? We’ll spend our final month cultivating the confidence and trust to share our gifts and step onto our paths.

Are you ready to
free yourself from the past,
open wide to possibility,
and remember your true wild nature?

The Freedom Tribe is currently in session.
Sign up to find out when the next course begins.

What’s Included
Every month you will receive…

A short video where I share personal stories and wisdom to help you connect with and apply the theme.

A 10-15 minute audio meditation (written and recorded by me) to heal with your highest self and tap into your unconscious fears and desires. The meditation will help you integrate the theme on the mental and energetic level to help clear any blocks you may have. You are welcome to do the meditation as often or as little as possible. For the most potency, do it daily.

A 60 – 90 minute playlist to dance to, so that you can process the theme in your body. This is more than just a mixtape or a dance party. These playlists will guide you on a journey through music to help you let go and transform. I personally do this practice daily and it has changed my life in magical ways. (Plus it’s really fun and good exercise!)

A 30 minute yoga video (taught and sequenced by me) to bring your body, mind, heart, and spirit into resonance. These yoga practices help you become that which you want to achieve from a space of inner fulfillment.

Exercises to apply the wisdom practically in your life. To make lasting life shifts these exercises will give you opportunities to take action. Sometimes they may be as simple as journaling other times they may involve bold moves to get outside of your comfort zone.

Magic, ritual, and ceremony. Because it makes life sacred, beautiful, and full of possibilities.

Access to our private Facebook community. This is our safe, sacred space to let ourselves be seen, speak authentically, ask for support, share our wisdom, receive wisdom, and offer our compassion to others. Every week I will post questions to help us dig deeper into the theme and offer wisdom and insights. You’re welcome to ask questions and share in the group anytime you like.

My favorite resources that continually support my personal journey. We’re a community so I’ll be sharing with you just like I do with my friends.


What’s the Commitment?

The Freedom Tribe begins May 1st, 2017 and lasts for six months (our closing circle will commence on October 30th, 2017).

To get the most benefit out of the experience, set aside a couple of hours at the start of the month to go through the guide and set your intentions. For the rest of the month you can incorporate the meditation, yoga class, playlist, and exercises into your daily life and routines. Come over to our Facebook Group weekly when I post resources and themes, or whenever you need a bit more support. Each guide comes with a suggested schedule, to make it even easier to weave into your life.

We are here to support you, but your journey is self guided. These tools are meant to enhance your life, not distract from it. You decide when and how often to show up. You decide how much time and energy you offer. Your schedule, your journey, your life, your way.


You Should Join If…

You long for a free, unconventional life of adventure, nature, and travel, and are suffering with feeling stuck in a job, a relationship, or a life that doesn’t light your soul on fire.

You’ve just returned from a life changing trip and are struggling to get back into your old way of life. You’re torn between giving in and dreaming of your escape.

You’re in the process of transitioning towards a freedom lifestyle, and are looking for that added push and support to keep you moving forward.

You’ve created your own freedom lifestyle that you love, and want to learn how to show up as a mentor for others. The Freedom Tribe will help you own and shine your light.

You’ve been dying to come on one of my women’s retreats but time, money, or circumstances have not allowed it. (OR because you’re not a woman!) The Freedom Tribe is affordable, completely flexible for your schedule, and open to men, women, and all of the shades between.

You’ve been on my retreats and want to continue the growth you experienced during our time together. Our retreat was a rapid awakening, The Freedom Tribe is a sustainable journey. This is an excellent compliment to my retreats as it offers continual resources for growth, self love, and community.

You are ready to unravel the conditioning, programming, and patterns that limit you from being as happy, free, and alive as you truly want to be. All of our themes and practices help you access your most authentic self so you can open more fully to the life you desire.

You value your personal growth and want to add more intention to your life on a regular basis. The Freedom Tribe guide will give you resources to add sacred routines to your day, week, and month, to help you direct your life more intentionally.

You want support and guidance to hold you accountable for living as authentically and purposefully as you can. It’s so easy to fall into old habits and we are here to keep you focused on your path.

You want to connect with like minded people and feel heard in a safe, accepting space. Our private Facebook Group allows you to share without judgement among others who support and understand you. Connecting with others who get it and are walking towards a similar destination is key to trusting in the call of your heart.

You crave the lifestyle and journey I share on my blog, and you want to walk in a similar direction.

Something in your heart is telling you “yes” right now. Your intuition knows best, listen to it.

Now, more than ever, the world needs our light.
It’s time to free yourself to shine.

The Freedom Tribe is currently in session.
Sign up to find out when the next course begins.


“I vividly remember knowing I was in the presence of a great teacher while observing Camille’s daily life in Costa Rica. She woke up and went to sleep radiating love and compassion. She brought such meaningful focus to personal conversations, guided meditations and all interactions. She created invisible lenses for us to see ourselves in new ways. Camille is a passionate, beautiful force of nature, yet so unapologetically human that she unknowingly helped me forgive myself for being a work in progress. At every turn, she focused on the journey – not an end goal. While she guided us verbally, her lessons went deeper than words. She is a woman living her truth, sharing her most vulnerable self, so that others can connect with themselves too. Whether you’re reading her blog or talking over dinner, you get the sense that her true purpose is to teach, share and connect with others. She is a natural born spiritual guide who I feel grateful to have held space with.” – Michelle Christina, Writer and Mentor

“I had so much that I needed to let go of and I felt that Camille was the first person who was telling me through her words that it was ok to just surrender. It was magic and exactly what I needed in life! Camille knows how to touch your soul through her teachings and encourage that healing process so we can become the best version of ourselves. ” – Krista, Yoga Teacher and Empowerment Coach

“Camille is a powerful wild woman. She dances and teaches to her own beat and inspires everyone in her presence to come into their own. I was given the opportunity to attend multiple classes led by Camille including yoga, dance, and super special transformational experiences I can’t even name. All dove deeper than I could have ever expected. Camille puts all of her glorious energy, love and passion into every drop of her teaching and it is nothing less than beautiful to be a part of.” – Haile, World Traveler

“Every single class I took with Camille felt so intimate and personal. It is as if she designed the class just for me. As a regular yoga and meditation practitioner, I have experienced a wide array of teaching styles and it is the ones that feel personal and designed just for me that have the most profound impact. Every class Camille teaches feels this way. Her classes are specific and thematic. Each class will have a theme like grief, heartbreak, guilt, finding your inner goddess, inner child or self love. They are guided and tailored in a way that helps bring you through the process of experiencing or healing. From the dialogue she uses to the postures and even the order in which the songs are played, you know she has designed this class down to the last detail. It is these little details combined with her commitment with you on each journey that make her classes and teaching style stand out from any other instructor I have experienced.” – Amber, Project Manager

The passion and honesty in which she offers each group and individual is beyond inspiring. With her strong yet gentle presence she can hold your heart and thoughts. In this captivation you feel safe and respected and then let loose to explore your own human experience. Camille offers so much PURE RAW LOVE when she is teaching, facilitating, and also  just being herself. She is a true healer of hearts. She has learned and created so many ways to demonstrate to your your own power. Power is love, love is power. I am so blessed and eternally grateful to continue to get to know, grow, and flow with Camille.” -Dannie, Healer and Hostel Owner

“My experience working with Camille has been profound and deeply transformative. I feel that she has the innate gift of seeing beyond a person to their higher self, and that she is able to work absolute magic in healing someone in that plane. She naturally creates openness and community, and fosters a sense of vulnerability and connection by offering herself very genuinely as well. I can’t express how powerful it is to have someone so tuned-in guiding you through personal growth. Camille is the kind of healer that creates this lovely network of safety and purpose around the sometimes scary inner work of reaching for higher states of consciousness and more meaningful life. I have been in awe of the ways I found myself accessing and peeling back new layers of deeper authenticity, always in ways I didn’t know I was aching to stretch. I have every confidence that the online tribe she creates will harbor the potency and love those of us on the path to awakening stay so hungry for. – Jen, Writer


Do I have time for The Freedom Tribe?

The Freedom Tribe is designed to be completely flexible with your schedule. One of the reasons why it lasts for 6 months is so that you have plenty of time to work with the materials without feeling rushed to jump into the next theme. You’ll receive your Freedom Tribe Guide at the beginning of the month, along with a suggested outline for how to weave it into your life, but that’s completely up to you. You can jump into our Facebook conversations whenever/if you feel like it. I recommend offering a few hours per week to The Freedom Tribe or just replacing some of your existing routines with our tools. If you have time to scroll through your Facebook feed or watch Netflix, you have time for The Freedom Tribe. 

I’m a man, can I still join?

Absolutely! The Freedom Tribe is open for men, women, and all of the shades between. There’s something so beautiful about being able to connect on this level with other genders and expand our perspectives without judgement.

Can I do The Freedom Tribe while I’m traveling?

Yes! Because The Freedom Tribe is flexible and goes at a slow pace, you will have plenty of time to dig into it even if you’re out on the road. In fact, having something like The Freedom Tribe to keep you grounded and focused on your inner journey can really enhance your travel experience. If you have issues with wifi, just tell me and I’ll email you the materials to download.

I don’t want to quit my job and live abroad, do I still belong?

This program can benefit anyone who wants to connect more with their truest desires, be more empowered, and live more fully from the heart. This is journey in shifting your beliefs to allow your authenticity to shine and to love yourself more. If that’s what you’re looking for, then it’s a fit.

Are you offering this again in the future?

The Freedom Tribe lasts from May 1st until October 30th, 2017 and this is the only time it’s currently being offered. If you want to join I highly recommend signing up now, since there’s no guarantee it will be offered again.

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