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koh tao

Which Thai Island is Right for You?

  The mythical islands in Thailand conjure vivid images of paradise. Limestone karsts emerging out of the glassy turquoise sea. Palm trees swaying over white sand beaches. An underwater world teeming with colorful coral and tropical fish.     Indeed I’ve had wanderlust for the beaches in Thailand since...

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Same Same But Different

  When I first touched down in Thailand three and a half months ago I felt weightless. I could hardly contain my excitement as I prepared for the adventures that awaited me.     It’s no secret that I struggled to feel enchanted and balanced in Vietnam and Thailand...

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chiang mai

My Release in Chiang Mai

  I felt the large cylinder inflate with heat, loosened my grip, and let it go.   In one harmonious exhale thousands of glowing paper lanterns ascended into the night sky. The beaming vessels soared, liberated, uniting in a sea of glittering stars.   Worries, fears, anxiety, and sorrow...

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thailand temples

The Land of Smiles

  My spirits lifted when I touched down in the land of smiles.     At immigration I was offered a stamp and a welcoming “sah-wah-dee-kah!” Tour desks and workers eagerly waited to lend a helping hand. Bus drivers, street vendors, bystanders all spoke English?!?!     The culture...

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