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Kuta lombok

The Other Kuta

  On a magical island where durian spills from overgrown jungle trees     gangs of monkeys halt morning motorbikers a volcano spews and waterfalls gush from misty cliffs     lies a coast as green as the ocean is vast gifted with white sand beaches and a glassy...

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balangan bali

Bali Begins in Balangan

  Light floods through the windows that encase my bungalow.     Rooster crows reverberate against the glass panes. Cattle intermittently bellow a comical tune.     His soft, steady breath beside me dreaming beneath clouds of white sheet lures me to linger     but adventure seduces me...

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Eat . Pray . Love

  You can imagine how often people reference Elizabeth Gilbert’s quintessential tale of self-discovery in my presence.   Single white female flees to Costa Rica to find herself, develops a yoga practice, becomes a writer, and never comes back.   A likely story.     Indeed I have eaten...

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