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Travel Wellness Kit

My (NEW) Travel Wellness Kit

  When I’m traveling, I’m easy to spot.   I’m that girl stirring green powder into her fruit smoothie on the street in Thailand. The one sprinkling chia seeds on her breakfast at the hostel. The one brewing her own science experiments in her backpack to protect her from...

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Can We Keep it Au Naturale?

  Right now I am crying. Not just crying, sobbing. Uncontrollably sobbing like a child.   A gecko the size of a kitten just crawled up the wall across from me and I desperately willed it to come cuddle me. It never did.   Now I’m laughing while crying....

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My Travel Wellness Kit

  Most days I’m the weirdest traveler in the guesthouse.   “What’s that?” people hesitantly ask and point to my glass jar of bacteria.   “Umm what are you drinking?” they probe with concern as I mix green powders into my fruit smoothie.   Last night my dorm mate...

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hanoi pho

How to Eat in Vietnam

  The more I travel the more complicated eating becomes.   A self proclaimed foodie I remember when nothing brought me more bliss than biting into a piece of aged cheese or devouring a bowl of handmade pasta. I would proudly declare that french fries with truffle salt were...

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Raw Cacao Chocolate

Raw Cacao Truffles of the Gods

  What are your associations with chocolate? Decadence? Sin? Indulgence? Guilt? What about euphoria? Sacredness? Vitality? Health?   Living in the South Caribbean of Costa Rica I learned quickly that chocolate has the ability to elicit intense responses.     The yoga studio I attended daily is located upstairs...

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ceviche panama

Latin American Street Food

  I’m sorry. I’ve been a bad friend.     While I was busy eating my way around Latin America I forgot your invitation.   Can you nibble on these photographs instead?     This is the streetside cuisine I risked illness to consume. You know how much I...

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What to Do With a Coconut

  “I saw them do this once on Lost,” I reassured my best friend Andie as I smacked a large brown coconut repeatedly against the coral reef.     One year and a half ago away from my clean, cultivated, contained city life deep in the Caribbean jungle for the...

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