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Isla Bastimentos

My American Dream

  I’ll buy a wooden house in the jungle surrounded by coconut trees.     I’ll rent it out to tourists and travel whenever my feet get itchy.     I’ll wake each day at sunrise to the sounds of monkey screams.     I’ll spring out of bed...

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Playa Chiquita

This Jungle Knows Me

  Sometimes I wonder if memories leave residues. If we touch people and places and objects in the moment but we never fully release our grip. I feel this here in Puerto Viejo.     Like the trees all know me because of the layer of my memories they...

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Pura Vida Again

  First it entered through my nose. The sweet perfume of hibiscus mingled with blades of grass and earthy clay.     Then it spread across my face as the wind kissed my skin, its scent seeping into my pores.     I heard it in the crashing waves...

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