Hi, it's me. -

Hi, it’s me.

wenatchee national forest


Hello you.

I hope you’re having a great week.


wenatchee national forest


Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately.

I know, you’ve been busy too.


wenatchee national forest


I’ve been back in Seattle

visiting with my family

wandering the city, working on hot dog boats, and watching the sunset

running away to cabins in the woods

and planning my upcoming adventures.

Guess where??


wenatchee national forest


But still, I know, it’s not fair.

I promise to be better.

I promise to come more often.


Did I mention it’s the new moon?


wenatchee national forest


I want to share with you my first ever guest post.

I wrote it for Elephant Journal.

They’re kind of a big deal. 

You can read my article here.


wenatchee national forest


My long time readers already know this story.

They know me perhaps a little too well. 

But I feel that this article really summarizes the way that travel has helped me to grow.


wenatchee national forest


I’m so excited to share it with you.


wenatchee national forest


If you enjoy the article

or you totally hate it and want a do-over

here comes the favor

please share it.


wenatchee national forest


The more views it gets the more likely they are to publish my work in the future.


wenatchee national forest


Thanks again for always being here.

You’re the best.


I took these photos last weekend around the Wenatchee National Forest. I spent four days lazing at a cabin in the woods, cooking farm fresh meals, and bonding with my best friends. 


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  1. So, after initially reading your pieces on Panama (thank you!), I somehow wound up reading through your entire journey, hah! Captivating and so relatable. You are so strong. Good for you, girl. I moved to Seattle via Idaho about 6 years ago-love seeing your photos of the NW! Speaking of, I can’t recall any mention of the camera you are currently/used to shoot with. Do you mind sharing?

    • This American Girl Says: September 9, 2013 at 7:45 am

      Thank you Taurean! What a nice compliment :) There will be a post allll about Seattle coming soon! I shoot with a Canon Powershot A4000IS.

  2. For me it is because you have shared your deep inner self so openly here that your blog is so special. Your life experiences and unfolding realzations are so relatable and healing to your followers. You are truly a rare gem.
    By the way what is that red track like thing going up the hill with the boards on it?

    • This American Girl Says: September 27, 2013 at 2:05 pm

      Thank you Chip, what a nice compliment! The Red track is this amazing irrigation channel up in the mountains in Wenatchee.