Cartagena, Colombia -

Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena, Colombia


Last December I washed up

quite literally

on the shore of Cartagena’s harbor.


Cartagena, Colombia


With vertigo after fifty hours of sailing

and five days without a shower


Cartagena, Colombia


I wobbled down the maze of docks

uncertain as to where they might lead me.


Cartagena, Colombia


But inside of Cartagena’s protective castle walls

I found refuge.


Cartagena, Colombia


I found beauty.

I found wonder.


Cartagena, Colombia


I found Colonial buildings washed in colors

with the vibrancy of the Caribbean.


Cartagena, Colombia


Cobblestone streets leading to squares

guarded by the noblest of statues.


Cartagena, Colombia


Endless exploration

under the scorching summer sun.


Cartagena, Colombia


Carts brimming with Colombian treats.


Cartagena, Colombia


Streets flooded by tropical fruit.


Cartagena, Colombia


Refined restaurants


Cartagena, Colombia


with inspired interiors

and international cuisine.


Cartagena, Colombia


I found a world beyond the wall

If I ever needed an escape


Playa Blanca


with white sand and turquoise water

more tourists than I could ever heed.


Cartagena, Colombia


And in a life that constantly moves

for better at times for worse


Cartagena, Colombia


Cartagena showed me


Cartagena, Colombia


that everything is beautiful


Cartagena, Colombia


and everything is always all right.


Media Luna hostel



Where to Stay in Cartagena


Media Luna Hostel

$15 dorm, $30 private double

Located in the hip and affordable Getsemani neighborhood, Media Luna is the only hostel in Cartagena that has a pool. A big kitchen and plenty of outdoor lounge space makes it a great budget place to hang out. The rooms are clean, spacious and beautifully decorated and the staff is incredibly helpful and friendly. Every night of the week there is something going on from poolside BBQs to rooftop live music and dancing. The hostel also books tours and transport to other parts of Colombia.


El Viajero Hostel

$15 dorm, $30 private double includes breakfast

Rated the best hostel in South America, El Viajero has a serious following. The location is ideal, right in the center of town, and the dorm rooms actually have air conditioning. This is a serious life saver as the city can get so hot it’s impossible to sleep at night. Breakfast is also included in the rate.


Casa La Fe

Rooms starting at $135 per night includes breakfast 

The rooms are simple and homey but you really can’t beat this price smack dab in the center of the city. The terrace has a swimming pool and jacuzzi and a lovely breakfast is served every morning. Some rooms have their own private balconies with views of the public square.



Rooms starting at $140 per night

For an entirely different experience, head a bit out of town to the Karmairi beach resort. This stunning resort is right on the beach for those interested in peace and relaxation a short drive away from the amazing city. The facilities include a full bar and restaurant, spa, swimming pool, and beach club. Free activities like exploring the mangroves and outings with local fishermen are included. A rental car will certainly come in handy if you’re interested in spending time in the city center.


Rent an Apartment

The most comfortable and affordable option is to rent an apartment right in the city. Many are ideally location and include maid service. If you have a group you can potentially get deals comparable to a hostel! Look on,, and to see what is available. This is my top recommendation for any city if you plan to stay for more than a couple of days. What could be better than coming home to your own space with a well stocked kitchen?


For more hotels in Cartagena you can search on this Latin American hotel finder.


cartagena, colombia


What to Eat in Cartagena, Colombia


Street Food 


Cartagena has an excellent variety of street food which graces every block. Big bowls of fresh tropical fruit are impossible to miss and make a great last minute breakfast or snack while you’re out enjoying the city. Be sure to try an arepa which is a classic snack in Colombia made from cornmeal and stuffed with either egg, meat, or cheese. For something sweet head to El Portal de los Dulces where you can find all sorts of local treats made from coconut, tamarind, and cacao in big glass jars.


Gelateria Paradiso

$3-8 for gelato

I think I came here all five of the days that I spent in Cartagena. My friend Sara could not end the night without at least two scoops of this incredible artisanal gelato. The line is long but don’t let it intimidate you, it moves quickly and the ice cream is sooo worth it!


Gato Negro

$3-5 for breakfast

For an inexpensive and lovely breakfast head to Gato Negro in the Getsemani neighborhood. Crepes, fruit salads, and eggs with toast are served in a darling courtyard.



$5-10 for smoothies, wraps, and salads

Places like Gokela are an oasis for me when traveling in developing countries. I love to eat street food and decadent meals but at least once a day I need something really healthy. Gokela offer organic health food in a casual setting, great for meals to go to enjoy in one of Cartagena’s lovely squares.


Basically anywhere! 

Throw a rock and will hit the glass of an amazing restaurant. Seriously this city has an abundance of incredible cuisine. However, it comes at a cost. Many restaurants are comparable to those in New York City… in taste and in price. Peruse the menu, scope out the atmosphere and choose what you’re vibing with. You really can’t go wrong! If you’re on a budget stick to street food or one of the many casual restaurants in Getsemani offering wood fired pizza or whole chickens to share.


What to Do in Cartagena, Colombia


Explore the city walls

For the best view of the city and the sea you can walk or bike (rentals available at some hotels/hostels and in shops in the old city) along the old city walls. There are a few bars and restaurants along the wall that make a great spot for having some happy hour while enjoying the sunset.


Tour of Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas

$9 to enter, $15 for a guided tour, free the last Sunday of the month

Explore this important landmark in Cartagena’s history. You can wander through tunnels and climb to the top to see views of the sea and Cartagena.


Wander the lovely streets

Take in the architecture. Look at street crafts. Try some street food. Sit in a park square. Perfection.


Party with the locals

Cartagena is known for having some pretty wild nightlife. In fact Hillary Clinton was even seen partying at Cafe Havana in the up and coming Getsemani neighborhood. Media Luna hostel, also in Getsemani, hosts a hugely popular rooftop party a couple of nights a week with free entrance for hostel guests. Mister Babilla in the center of town is one of the most popular spots with locals and gets crazy late into the night on weekends.


Take a day trip to Playa Blanca

$15-25 for round trip transport and lunch

Cartagena has its own beach, but the sand and sea are nothing compared to nearby Playa Blanca. White sand stretches for miles and the sea is so turquoise it’s hard to believe it’s real. Many people show up and decide not to leave, sleeping in one of the beachfront shacks or hammocks. Be aware of what time you come, as the week following New Years (when I was there) the beach is so crowded with tourists and vendors it’s nearly impossible to relax. For more information on booking a tour, which can be confusing and stressful… downright impossible for those who don’t speak Spanish… read about it here.


Swim in mud at Volcan Torumo

Half day tours for $20 with lunch, $15 without

The sight of the volcano itself is not much to write home about; the healing mud that lives in its crater is the real appeal. Jump in and notice how no matter how hard you try, you just can’t sink!


How to Get to Cartagena, Colombia



from all over the world to the international airport in Cartagena and take the 20 minute taxi ride into the city.



into the harbor after spending two days on sea, three in San Blas, Panama.

$350-$500 depending on your boat



around the country in mini buses.

$35 and 12 hours from Medejin


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  1. Always adore seeing your pictures. Gives me the most insane wanderlust. Thank you so much for this.

  2. If it is more exiting than Costa Rica, I must follow. I heard about this place while living in Venezuela, but it was too difficult to get to back then.

    • Venezuela, do tell! I’ve been dying to go there but everyone says it’s too dangerous. Getting to Colombia is tough but totally worth it. I only wish I had more time there, 2 weeks was not nearly enough.

  3. I’ve only read 2 of your posts, but they were both like story books for adults :) I love the style. It creates a meditative experience for the reader. And your self-supportive and self-loving tone really brings me into the visual tale. I look forward to experiencing more of what you share!

  4. Hello! I was wondering if you felt unsafe as a female traveler alone? I plan to go to Colombia next summer, but many people are telling me it is too dangerous (they have never actually been). Have any advice?

    Thank you!!

    • This American Girl Says: December 3, 2013 at 4:54 am

      I felt totally safe in Colombia! I heard some bad stories about people getting mugged, nothing worse, in Bogota, so I think in the big cities you need to take extra care. I hear stories about people getting mugged in NYC too!

  5. Great blog and great post, ty. I am headed to Cartagena for the first time in 2 weeks and found you while researching.

    • Camille Willemain Says: January 30, 2014 at 9:02 pm

      Thanks Matt! Cartagena is such a cool city. Have you checked out my other posts on Colombia? Don’t miss Palomino or Tayrona National Park while you’re there :)

  6. I just returned from a week in Cartagena and absolutely loved it. The architecture, the people and the views were amazing. TY again for your blog post which helped me prepare for the trip!

  7. I think you covered it well. The Museo de Inquicision was interesting. I would also add outdoor eating at Restaurante Cafe San Pedro in Plaza San Pedro – On Saturday night you get to watch several festive weddings.
    It was an awesome trip!

  8. You got some amazing pictures of the place. I agree it is worth a visit. Nice to get some great seafood after being in the mountains of Colombia!

  9. Cartagena is a very beautiful city, magic, amazing. A site you should visited is “Rosarian Islands”, “Islas del Rosario”. This place contain one of most beautiful beaches in the world, highly recomended.

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  11. Hi Camille,

    I have linked to your blog from our article on the Top 50 Tropical Travel Destinations Worldwide to give our readers a bit more information on each place.

    I hope you find it interesting and it inspires some more traveling!

    Merry Christmas!
    Ash –