The Ultimate Guide to Puerto Viejo

playa chiquita


People often ask



le cameleon


I always return

to Puerto Viejo.


punta cocles


How despite

the many beautiful beaches


punta uva


the many fascinating places

I have seen these spectacular sixteen months


arrecife punta uva


my wanderlust spirit

takes a break

and gives me permission


arrecife punta uva


to rest my feet


in Puerto Viejo.


scorpion manzanillo


How despite

bug infestations


punta cocles


tropical monsoons

chronic mold


hiking in manzanillo


plaguing mosquitoes

exotic parasites


punta cocles


thieves wielding machetes

and deceitful man whores


beach break


I choose to come back

I choose to stay.


punta cocles


And if I must answer

what I can say


rocking j's puerto viejo


is that here

everything is magic.

Everything is possible.


puerto viejo


Six tiny towns

in a lush green jungle


playa cocles


lie on one flat road

along a turquoise ocean


puerto viejo road


where bicyclists dodge

overzealous mopeds


puerto viejo road


rattling fruit trucks

wild horses


sloth puerto viejo


untethered canines

and ambitious sloths


beach break bicycles


balancing friends

bags of groceries

or newborn babies

on their bars.


puerto viejo


The smell

of sweet hibiscus


arrecife punta uva


and pure ocean

enters your lungs


arrecife punta uva


weaves into your breath


playa chiquita


then becomes your soul.


jaguar rescue center


Cicadas buzz

roosters crow


howler monkey puerto viejo


birds chirp

monkeys howl

butterflies flap their technicolor wings


playa cocles


creating a symphony

of jungle tuned strings.


playa chiquita


Coarse golden granules


with fine black powder





by the sprawling jungle


punta uva


that hides

the splendor of the sea.


manzanillo swimming


Protective coral

forms natural pools


punta uva snorkeling


for colorful fish



punta uva snorkeling


and snorkelers

to see.


isle of cocles


Barreling swells

bring surfers

from far corners of the Earth


puerto viejo surfing


hoping to enter the green

and win the battle


salsa brava puerto viejo


against an unruly wave

called Salsa Brava.


puerto viejo


Caribbean boats named after beautiful women

rock sleepily on a coral crested harbor


puerto viejo


colorblocked houses play reggae in the street


puerto viejo


vendors braid hair

sell jewelry and Bob Marley shirts


punta uva


fishermen haul their fresh catch onto the shore.


Puerto Viejo


Locals speak

in Caribbean flavored Spanish

or thick Creole


Puerto Viejo


then quickly switch

to accented English


Puerto Viejo




or German


Puerto Viejo



all who hear.


Puerto Viejo


Older generations

stand at street carts


Caribbean Chicken


selling coconut scented rice and beans

and tender stewed chicken

with perfectly fried plantains


Puerto Viejo Farmer's Market


beside Italians baking fresh foccacia

French perfecting their pate


Puerto Viejo Farmer's Market


Israelis stuffing handmade pita

sushi-masters shaping kaleidoscope rolls.


Tex Mex Puerto Viejo


Seedy bars

beg sinners to indulge


puerto viejo fire dancers


in cheap shots

cheap conversation

cheap sex


playa cocles







playa cocles


quietly wait


puerto viejo jungle path


for those who are ready

to look inside instead.


goat puerto viejo


In this town that binds

an unlikely crew of misfits


lazy mon bar


Casanova Caribbean surfers

Rastafarian crackheads


van puerto viejo


American divorcees

yuppie turned hippies


puerto viejo fire dancers


pierced, dyed, unshaven fire dancers

former frat boys


puerto viejo sloth


naïve unknowing backpackers


beach break cocles



no matter who they are

no matter what they do


flowers playa cocles


is not only tolerated

is not only accepted

but is celebrated.


manzanillo beach


Some cure their cancer

others break their hearts


manzanillo beach


but everyone finds

all that they seek.


Puerto Viejo Guide - 079


And any intention

any desire

any dream


puerto viejo sunset


will always come true

if you simply release it


puerto viejo sunset


into the magical




playa cocles sunset


that is

Puerto Viejo.



The Neighborhoods of Puerto Viejo


With ten miles of pristine jungle backed beach and six distinct neighborhoods it can be difficult to know where to base yourself.

Beaches become more natural and animals are more plentiful the further you venture outside of town. However, the road runs through dark jungle, which is not walkable at night, and comforts like pharmacies and ATMs are only in town.

My recommendation for those without a car is to stay in Playa Cocles where you are in front of the beach but close enough to town. If you have a car I recommend staying in Playa Cocles or Playa Chiquita.


Playa Negra

Playa Negra

Don’t stay here. It may be close to Puerto Viejo but it is far from the loveliest areas, which are outside of town. The beach itself is the least beautiful in the area.


Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo

The town of Puerto Viejo is famous (or infamous) for its seedy authenticity. In town you will find the only banks and ATMs in the entire area as well as most of the bars and restaurants. Accommodations tend to be less expensive but can be noisy as Puerto Viejo hosts several parties every night of the week.


beach break playa cocles

Playa Cocles

1-3 miles from town

Expats and vacationers looking for tranquility and proximity to town stay in Cocles. These beaches are best for sunning and surfing rather than swimming as the currents are strong. Beach Break is the most populated beach in the area and the only beach with lifeguards.

The one grocery store, Pirripli, has a good wine selection, special imports, and fresh produce and there are many restaurants to choose from. The beachfront bar Tasty Waves hosts a big party on Tuesday nights and some smaller events throughout the week, otherwise this neighborhood is quiet.



playa chiquita

Playa Chiquita

 3-5 miles from town

The moment you step foot in Playa Chiquita the community vibe becomes apparent. Expats from all over the world carry their children and groceries down the street, sit and sip coffee in darling open air organic cafes, and swim in the natural pools created by coral reef. There is one grocery store, El Duende Gourmet, with specialty items like local homemade bread, quinoa, and sriracha, and there are a few restaurants and cafes.


arrecife punta uva

Punta Uva

5-7 miles from town

Beautiful beaches, elegant cabins, and incredible cuisine all grace the quiet jungle neighborhood of Punta Uva. This neighborhood is popular with long-term vacationers and families. The beaches are calm for swimming and snorkeling and are famed as some of the most beautiful in all of Costa Rica. Playa Chiquita nearby is a necessary stop for markets and cafes.




7-10 miles from town

The quiet Caribbean fishing village of Manzanillo rests along a rugged wildlife refuge with stunning wilderness beaches. Accommodations and restaurants are somewhat sparse in this area so having a car is essential. If you are looking for proximity to animals, peace and quiet, and do not mind the 10 mile trek to town, Manzanillo is right up your alley.



la caracola playa chiquita

Where to Stay


Hostal Pagalu

$12 for a dorm bed, $24 for a private

Puerto Viejo

Hostal Pagalu, behind the main road in town is one of my favorite hostels in the world. It is spotlessly clean and has a big open communal space with couches, hammocks, tables, and a nice kitchen. The hot water shower has great pressure, linens and towels are changed daily, and the vibe is fun but laid back and mature. It is about a ten-minute bike ride to the main surf beach, but for convenience you can’t beat its proximity to restaurants, grocery stores, and bars.



$15 for a shared triple, $24 for a private

Includes unlimited purified water, free bicycle use, and yoga discounts for extended stays

Beach Break, Playa Cocles

For peace and tranquility stay at Om in Playa Cocles. The location is ideal overlooking the jungle and beach, yet is a short bike ride to town. You really can’t beat the price, which includes bicycle rentals, necessary no matter where you stay, and free purified water, the tap is not safe to drink from in Puerto Viejo.

Onsite yoga is world class (see more below) and Caribbeans café (see more below) downstairs has incredible treats, coffee, and chocolate.

The rooms are very clean and cozy and come with free towels, blankets, and shelving to put your belongings. The shared kitchen is the most well equipped I’ve seen in any hostel with every utensil you could ever need and complementary tea, coffee, and spices.

The small, intimate space and community vibe connects travelers with one another and locals who love to hang out and the yoga studio and café.


Villas del Caribe

$75 for a standard room, $135 for a villa

Punta Cocles, Playa Cocles

Opt for a villa with your own private balcony, full kitchen, BBQ, and three bedrooms. The location is ideal on one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire country. Most rooms have an ocean view which is a rare commodity in Puerto Viejo which has mostly undeveloped beaches.



Start at $89/night for a standard room

Beach Break, Playa Cocles

A lovely hotel conveniently located across from the main surf beach in Playa Cocles. The rooms are clean and comfortable and the onsite pool with a swim up bar is amazing after a hot day at the beach.


Le Cameleon

Start at $210/night

Playa Cocles

The only “luxury” hotel in Puerto Viejo. Enjoy the onsite restaurant, pool, and beachfront bar with big daybeds and beachfront food and beverage service.


Tierra de Suenos Ecolodge

$75/night for a standard room, $135 for a casita including breakfast

Playa Chiquita

Beautiful bungalows and equipped casitas tucked in the jungle in my favorite part of Playa Chiquita. These bungalows are close to stunning beaches and lovely cafes. The onsite wellness center (more below) offers yoga, health retreats, massage, and health cleanses.


Private Beach Bungalows

If you are looking for your own short or long term house rental, there are many options in all of the neighborhoods in Puerto Viejo.

Look on VRBO, ask around, or contact Evie at Habitat PM Services or Thomas Anderson and let them find the perfect house for you. Rentals rates are nightly to monthly.



bread and chocolate puerto viejo

Where to Eat


There is an excess of incredible restaurants in Puerto Viejo, and truthfully I have never eaten bad food here. You will likely be pleasantly surprised with any restaurant you choose, but these are my personal favorites. Prices listed are for entrees only.


Bread and Chocolate

$5-8 Breakfast, Lunch

Puerto Viejo

With homemade bread, bagels, biscuits, muffins, brownies, cookies, truffles, cake, waffles, and jam, Bread and Chocolate is a breakfast lover’s dream. It is easily the most popular breakfast and lunch spot in town.

For breakfast try the waffles with whipped cream and chocolate sauce, which are probably the best waffles I have ever tasted, sorry Mom, with lots of vanilla in them. The fried egg and cheese sandwich on a homemade everything bagel is to die for with well seasoned skillet potatoes and the crispiest bacon I’ve ever tasted. The homemade chocolates are not to be missed and my favorite is the peanut butter cup.



$2-8 Light Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee

Playa Cocles

Caribbeans makes the best chocolate I have ever tasted in my life. It is flavorful, complex, and incredibly pure. The family who owns this operation sources local raw cacao from farmers in the Talamanca region and crafts pure chocolate bars and inventive flavors using natural incredients like mint, ginger, espresso, and cayenne. You can sample all of their chocolates in the tasting room and take a tour of the chocolate farm (more below).

The best part? They melt down the flavor of your choice into pure liquid drinking chocolate and infuse your cappuccinos and lattes with it. They also sell locally made treats like brownies, cinnamon rolls, and cake.


La Botanica Organica

$6-10 Breakfast, Lunch

Playa Chiquita

This was the first café I went to in Puerto Viejo more than a year ago. Since then it has become a sanctuary for me. The owners are positively lovely, the food is delicious and completely organic, and they have a small store selling essential oils, natural food and toiletries, and locally made jewelry.

For breakfast the chocolate and coconut whole wheat pancakes are delicious and the fruit with granola is some of the best around. Try the power smoothie with raw farm yogurt, papaya, banana, bee pollen, and spirulina.


Puerto Pirata

$7-10 Lunch

Puerto Viejo

Delicious and inventive organic sandwiches and salads in front of the beach right in town.



$2-4 Gelato

Puerto Viejo

Fresh Italian style gelato across from the bus stop in town. My favorite flavor is peanut butter, which is incredible on top of an Arte y Alma brownie from El Duende Gourmet grocery store in Playa Chiquita.


Jungle Love

$10-20 Lunch, Dinner

Playa Chiquita

Truth be told, I have never eaten at Jungle Love. However, it had to make the list as I’ve heard rave reviews about the place for more than a year. Many locals call it the best restaurant in Puerto Viejo. The space is more like eating in someone’s home than a restaurant and the menu is inspired. I hear the seared tuna is amazing.


Selvin’s Restaurant

$7-20 Lunch, Dinner

Punta Uva

Hands down the best Caribbean food in the area. The service can be slow, but it is so worth it. My favorite dish is the Caribbean chicken, which is stewed slowly in an incredibly flavorful Caribbean sauce making the meat fall right off the bone. It is served with rice and beans steamed in coconut milk, a refreshing salad with pickled beets, perfectly fried potatoes, crispy plantain chips, and hot and crispy patacones, which are boiled, smashed, deep fried plantains and pretty much the best thing I’ve ever tasted. Also be sure to try the rondon which is a stew of fish and veggies swimming in coconut milk broth.


Pita Bonita

$8-15 Lunch, Dinner

Punta Uva

The Israeli owner crafts mindbogglingly soft and fluffy pita daily and sells it to many grocers and restaurants in town. For a real treat go to Pita Bonita with a group and share the many small Middle Eastern salads, hummus, hot crispy falafel, and other delicacies. My favorite dish is the chicken shwarma, which is tender and well spiced, stuffed in one of their perfect pitas and smothered in creamy tahini sauce with herbed cucumber salad.



$8-15 Lunch, Dinner

Punta Uva

Come here on Saturday for the classic rondon coconut stew with a whole lobster and order some patacones and ceviche to start.


Stashu’s con Fusion

$10-15 Dinner

Puerto Viejo

Come here for the best drinks in Puerto Viejo. I die over the blended pina colada, which could not be thicker nor creamier and comes topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Other wonders include the watermelon cooler with white wine and the tamarind margarita.


La Pecora Nera

$18-30 Dinner

Playa Cocles

La Pecora Nera is comparable to the best restaurants in Italy, let alone Costa Rica. The owner Ilario will make you feel at home with his boyish charm and thick Italian accent and Sianny who runs the front of the house provides some of the best service in Puerto Viejo. The space itself is stunning, reminiscent of a Tuscan villa tucked deep into the jungle. Ingredients are imported from Italy or grown in Ilario’s garden. Fish comes from local fishermen and chicken comes from Ilario’s backyard.

This is not a meal to be done quickly nor on a budget. Complementary homemade rosemary crackers come with a garlicky tapenade as well as a basket filled with homemade foccacia, rolls, and sliced baguette. Begin the meal with a platter of bruschetta topped with prosciutto, homemade ricotta, and Ilario’s own preserved peppers. All of the carpaccios are excellent but my favorites are the beef drizzled in truffle oil with shaved pecorino and the yellowfin tuna with tomato and arugula. Many of the pastas are handmade including the gnocchi, which is light as air and comes smothered in bright garlicky tomato basil sauce or baked in the oven with creamy gorgonzola, radicchio, and walnuts. All of the fish and steak dishes are excellent and served with potato gratin, salad, and vegetables. Save room for the profiteroles or the panna cotta, both made in house.


Koki Beach

$15-30 Dinner

Puerto Viejo

Koki Beach offers the best atmosphere of any restaurant in Puerto Viejo. Owned by a gay couple from Miami, you may feel like you were suddenly transported to a trendy beachfront bar in South Beach. The design is positively inspired and the bright colorful Adirondack chairs in front make for great people or sunset watching.

Come early in the night for two for one cocktails and enjoy an order of crispy fried calamari and one of the best burgers I have ever tasted.


Cafe Viejo

$15-30 Dinner

Easily the most popular restaurant in town among locals and tourists, you can usually expect a lively scene here. Perch up at the bar to soak in some local flavor, or sit down for a yummy Italian meal. The antipasto platters are divine as is the gorgonzola steak.


El Refugio

$18-30 Dinner

Punta Uva

Deep in the jungle in Punta Uva is the tiny restaurant of El Refugio. Many consider this the best restaurant in the area, with a tiny menu changing nightly of fresh seafood and steak. The atmosphere is intimate and the food is made with care.



koki beach puerto viejo



Nightlife in Puerto Viejo is seriously lacking in the atmosphere department, but the seediness is just part of the charm. The later the sketchier, so keep it on the early side when most places offer happy hour drink specials.


Lazy Mon

Puerto Viejo

Enjoy two for one drink specials, American style bar food, and live music right on the beach at sunset nightly. Sunday nights starting at ten the stage opens to the public for hours of live music, open mic, and a fire dance show.


Tasty Waves

Playa Cocles

Tasty Waves is the local watering hole for surfers and beach bums with burgers, tacos, beers, and tropical cocktails. Play pool in the day or enjoy one of their many nightly events. Monday night they play a movie on the big screen, a rare commodity in Puerto Viejo, Tuesday nights they host the biggest party in town with a live DJ and dancing, and Thursdays they host an American style trivia night.


Tex Mex

Puerto Viejo

The scene is seedy, but that’s what makes it fun. Bump shoulders with the less savory characters in Puerto Viejo while enjoying free mojitos on Thursdays and margaritas on Fridays, free for women only sorry guys, and listen to a blend of Roots, Reggae, and throwback R&B.


Salsa Brava

Puerto Viejo

Salsa Brava Reggae bar overlooks the beach. Watch surfers ride the epic wave that made Puerto Viejo famous in the day, sunset in the afternoon, and a bonfire under the full moon at night. Friday and Sunday nights they host Reggae Night with a DJ and dancing.



Puerto Viejo Farmer's Market

Where to Shop


Like many beach tourist towns, Puerto Viejo is littered in sarong and jewelry stands and souvenir shops. For a more authentic experience, check out my recommendations for truly special gifts to bring back home.


Farmer’s Market

Puerto Viejo

If you are in Puerto Viejo on a Saturday, be sure to join the early risers at the farmer’s market for organic produce and so much more. Italian bakers tempt shoppers with homemade fococcia bread, creamy custard tarts, and flaky pastries.  A ninety-year-old yogi sells his healthy raw pizza pies. Beautiful handmade soaps, almond butter, and raw cacao chocolate are other goodies to be found. If you are a foodie, prepare to overindulge!


Lulu Berlu

Puerto Viejo

Beautiful handmade artisanal clothing and souvenirs.



lazy mon puerto viejo

What to Do


There are endless activities in Puerto Viejo no matter the weather, the surf, or the season. Here are a few of my favorites.


manzanillo coral caves


Wildlife Hike in Manzanillo

$40 for a 3-4 hour tour with Om

or bike the 10 miles from town and explore on your own

Puerto Viejo is where the jungle meets the sea, and Manzanillo’s wildlife refuge is the perfect place to explore both.

Walk into the jungle along trails to gorgeous hidden beach coves, climb the cliffs for incredible views, and hike the muddy jungle trails, spotting howler monkeys, sloths, and tucans. For some real adventure climb into the coral caves.

You can probably do the hike on your own, but for your first time I recommend taking a tour. Getting into the caves can be a bit daunting and a guide will ensure you see plenty of animals.


beach break surfing puerto viejo



$50 for a two hour private lesson, $35 for a group lesson with Om

Surfing is practically a religion in Costa Rica, and no trip here is complete without at least giving it a try. Surf “instructors” and board rentals are everywhere soliciting your patronage, but go with a professional instead. Ask for Dexter or Alex at Om. Both are locals who know the waves well, will ensure your safety, have a great sense of humor, and most importantly won’t hit on you during your lesson!


jaguar rescue center


Jaguar Rescue Center

$10 for a tour

If you want to see some animals up close and personal, go to the Jaguar Rescue Center. The center was created to rehabilitate injured animals in the area and your entry fee helps support that cause. Guides will teach you all about the many animals in Costa Rica and Puerto Viejo. For many people the highlight is going into the monkey room where you can play with baby howler and spider monkeys.


Caribbeans puerto viejo


Caribbeans Chocolate Tour

$26 for a tour of the chocolate forest and chocolate tasting

This is an incredibly delicious tour unique to Puerto Viejo. Take a guided hike through the chocolate forest and learn about the history and science of chocolate while tasting all sorts of incredible chocolate along the way. The hike pinnacles at the Chocolate Creation Lab which overlooks the ocean. In the lab you will learn about the process of chocolate creation and taste chocolate in all stages. This is an experience not to be missed and many consider it one of the best tours they have ever taken… anywhere!


Playa chiquita


Caribe Horse Riding Club

Horsebackriding tours start at $50 for a one-hour beach ride

Explore beautiful wilderness beaches atop a horse. Check out the full moon night tour where you ride horses along the beach under the full moon spotting all kinds of wildlife like possums, raccoons, and night owls.


kayaks punta uva


Snorkeling, Kayaking, Paddleboarding

Location depends on conditions

When the ocean is flat rent kayaks or paddleboards to explore many of the rocky cliffs or the beautiful Isle of Cocles, which (if you bring shoes) can be climbed and jumped from. Rent snorkels in Punta Uva at Arrecife and explore the surrounding reef.




Punta Mona Permaculture

$20 for lunch a tour, $65 per night for three organic vegetarian meals, kayak rental, and tour

Take a visit to the Punta Mona Permaculture deep in the jungle between Manzanillo and Gandoca. The beaches are stunning and can be explored by kayak to see whale sharks, dolphins, and other wildlife. The sustainable farm offers tours, yoga teacher trainings, permaculture design courses, and various workshops and retreats.

There are no roads to Punta Mona so it much be reached by chartered boat or a 2.5 hour hike through the jungle from Manzanillo.


om yoga puerto viejo

Get Healthy


Surrounded by nature and at the ocean, Puerto Viejo is a great place to rest, relax, and restore. Many health conscious individuals have chosen to root themselves in Puerto Viejo for this very reason.


Om Yoga and Massage

$10 for a drop in yoga class, $60 for an hour long massage

Playa Cocles

Om Yoga offers some of the best yoga in Costa Rica in a beautiful open terrace overlooking the jungle and the ocean. Classes are offered at least twice daily in a wide range of styles including Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Kundalini, and Integrative. Yoga here is more than just physical, with classes regularly incorporating specific intentions and yoga philosophy.

Massage sessions are also available and are a wonderful way to further relax after some beach time. Styles of massage available are Swedish, Thai, and Deep Tissue, and can include Reiki and Cranio-Sacral Opening as well.


Tierra de Suenos Wellness Center

$100 for a full body scan and treatment plan, $2900 for a week long wellness retreat

Playa Chiquita

This wellness center in a beautiful tranquil space in the jungle is doing incredible work helping people all over the world suffering from chronic illness. Their process works not only with pain management but total wellness identifying the underlying causes of illness and working to restore health in the body rather than simply fight the disease. Depending on your needs this may involve cleanses, fasts, infrared sauna therapy, massage, and yoga.

For those looking for a less immersive experience, Dr Greg Damato will analyze your body and mind’s overall wellness using the world’s most advanced energetic medicine device. After identifying areas of concern, for instance mine were immune system function (big surprise after a lifetime of antibiotics and a year of third world backpacking!!) and inflammation (too many hours at a computer and on airplanes) and nutritional deficiencies, Greg sends you an extremely actionable treatment plan suggesting foods to integrate into your diet as well as natural herbs and supplements, cleanses, and activities (like barefoot walking to decharge inflammation from computer usage) to aid in your process towards healthier living. My experience was incredibly enlightening if for no other reason than to show me that chronic infection and subjectivity towards illness are not things I have to live with, they are things I can heal on my own.


Organic produce from Carlos

Pick up at Caribbeans on Saturday mornings

American expat Carlos makes local organic produce accessible by working with local farmers, and growing some of his own produce, to bring boxes of goodness to Puerto Viejo residents every week. If you are staying in the area and self-catering, you may want to order a box from him. Please contact me to be put on the weekly email list where you will be sent a menu with pricing.



arrecife punta uva

My Favorite Beaches


The beaches in Puerto Viejo are some of the most stunning in the entire world. If you’re up for it, I recommend attempting to walk every bit of this 10 mile stretch of sand to see it all for yourself. If that’s a little ambitious, which let’s face it, it is, be sure not to miss my favorite beaches.


punta cocles


Punta Cocles

This may be the most beautiful spot in all of Costa Rica. Wild grass grows rampant, palm trees sway, and the ocean glows turquoise in coral pools covering the shore. It is not a particularly nice beach to spend the day, but it is my favorite place to take a walk or sit and have a glass of wine.

To reach the point walk from Beach Break for about thirty minutes along the beach, or use the entrance at Villas del Caribe to put you right there.


playa chiquita


Playa Chiquita

All of the beaches in Playa Chiquita are stunning, deserted, and perfect for swimming, but my favorite is on the far end near Punta Uva. Take the small beach access road after Playa Chiquita Lodge on the left.


arrecife punta uva



Arrecife is my favorite beach to spend the day, especially when the sea is flat. The beach reminds me of being in Hawaii and has a beautiful reef filled with colorful fish for snorkeling. The restaurant in front, Arrecife, rents snorkel equipment.




Manzanillo Refuge

The beach coves inside the Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge are other worldly and worthy of hours of exploration.



When to Come


It is always the best time to come to Puerto Viejo, but depending what your interests are there may be a time better suited to your needs. Weather and swells on the Caribbean Coast are much less predictable than the rest of the country so expect weeks of huge waves followed by flatness for snorkeling and days of monsoon rain followed by weeks of blazing sun.


Surf Season

December – March

Swells tend to be largest and best for surfing during these months, which coincide with the dry season the Pacific Coast. Consequently this time is the most populated and expensive in Puerto Viejo, tends to be relatively dry, and is quite lively. All restaurants are open, parties and events occur often, the streets of town are filled with locals and tourists, and beaches are crowded on weekends. On weekdays the many beaches outside of town remain completely deserted.


Dry Seasons

February – April, August – October

These months are the driest of the year with occasional rain usually occurring at night or early in the morning. February and March have big swells while the ocean becomes calm for swimming and snorkeling in April. August and September are ideal for snorkeling and sailing, and the swells begin to pick up again in October.


Rainy Seasons

May – July, November

During the months of May and November many businesses close for low season. This is also the rainiest time of year in Puerto Viejo. In fact, it is not unusual to experience weeks of nonstop rain. June and July often have plenty of sun and calm water for swimming. If you are an experienced surfer you will be unimpressed with the waves during this time.



puerto viejo

How to Get Here


From San Jose



$50, 4 hours




$11, 4.5 hours