Letting Go -

Letting Go


beach fruit


Are there things you need to let go of?


woman on beach


Too many pairs of impractical shoes

Clothing you haven’t worn since another decade or dress size

Unusual condiments you used once that now simply clutter your fridge

Relationships that make you feel bad more often than good

Moments from your past that still manage to hurt you

Barriers you’ve built to protect yourself from being hurt again




Let them go.


beach logs


Unencumbered by anything but a backpack, I still have things that I need to









To be free. To be present. To be fulfilled.


surf break


Maybe we can do it together?

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  1. Yes we can! :) Just the inspiration I needed at this point….
    Looking forward to following your journey all the way from South Africa :)

  2. I need to work on this one all the time! Moments from the past, mainly… well condiments, too! thx!

  3. I would love it if it was that easy. I need to let go of my feelings of self-doubt and failure. I will work on it!

  4. this post couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. thank you.

  5. There is so much I need to let go of. I don’t even know where to begin . . . But yes, this is the inspiration I need to figure it out!

  6. Sometimes, we don’t have any other option but to let go.. Because it’s much harder and painful to hold on..

  7. The thing is, we need to let go of ourselves. Let yourself go.

  8. I feel like you are writing this blog for me. I needed this inspiration and it couldn’t have came at a better time. Thank you, thank you so much! I look forward to following your journey. I will be living vicariously through you. Much love.

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  14. This is absolutely wonderful advice and I’ve used it as this week’s inspirational quotation on my travel and mindfulness blog. Thank you!

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